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Featured Articles: 2001 X Games--Philly

Well, this is Part 2 of our X Games articles. The topic? Skateboard Park and Vert.

Lots of amazing skating went on in the Skateboard Park event, unfortunately, we probably didn't get to see the best of the skaters because of the intense heat during the time of the contest. As Koston said, "You can kind of see it (the affects of the heat) in everybody's energy, it's just hard. It was just hard for people to keep going in this kind of weather. It's long and it's hot and it's hard to keep your energy high and keep a smile on your face. It's tough." Others complained about the ramps, such as Rick McCrank: "This stuff's fun but it's not pro contest stuff. You can't do a really hard trick on a big a-- ramp. You can just do like an air, and that sucks." Anyways, the Brazilian kid Rodil de Araujo took home a gold medal.

What is it with the Brazilian skaters?! They are insane! Rodil takes home gold in the park, and Bob takes gold on vert! Bucky had hold of first place after the everyone but Bob had gotten through with their final runs. Bucky's three-peat looked like it just might come true, and then here comes ol' Bob. At first he started his run going kind of mellow-mode, but then he just started busting out his destroyer mode--switch stance. Doing all kinds of crazy, insane tricks--Switch no less!!!!! Landing tricks such as a kickflip to fakie on the extension, fakie to fakie 540, half cab blunt to fakie, and a blunt kickflip to fakie!!!!!! No way that he couldn't have taken home a gold medal after a performance such as that one with a deserving score of 98. Tony Hawk just knows how to describe Bob's run perfectly: "I think these people came to see a show and they got to see way more than they ever expected. I think that Bob's run was the best vert run we've ever seen. It's insane I mean almost any trick he did, I'd say half his tricks, would be contenders for the Best Trick competition."



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