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Skater Bios: Brent the Poser

Brent the Poser

Because Brent isn't part of the team, we will just include a short paragraph about him. Yes, he is a real person. We are not making this up.

At the age of 14, Brent got interested in skateboarding. Now, he's the sort of person that gets involved in something and then loses interest the next week. This poor misguided kid started scootering when scooters got hot. Yes, at the age of 14, Brent was riding a scooter. Wearing full pads, he would make weak attempts at bunnyhops and grinds. Unfortunately, Trowa showed him how to grind with his scooter(Trowa tends to be the "guru" of most extreme sports. He knows a little about each extreme sport and extreme-wannabe sport). After taking a really bad slam while attempting to bunny hop over a flat bar lying on the ground(total height: about 1-2"), Brent gave up his scooter and traded it in for a pair of fruitboots(rollerblades). Well, Brent noticed that he couldn't jump at all on the blades and began street hockey. Well, he gave up on that too and finally saw the light--he began skateboarding. Unfortunately, he was so paranoid about falling that he would wear his hockey pads to go skating!!!!!!! Ridiculous. Too scared to even ride down the street at a moderate speed, he now dreams about BMX, Motocross, and scooters.

Well, Brent read this bio and told me to tell everyone out there that he is worth more than all of the skate team put together. In a sense, I agree him. He is of great value to us. When we skate with him, he makes us look a lot better than we really are. Think about it: You've got a kid struggling to ride down the sidewalk, and a guy kickflipping a five or six set. Which is more impressive in your eyes? And then, you think, "Wow, skateboarding must be really hard if this kid is having trouble riding down the street! That guy jumping the stairs must be amazing!" So, thanks, Brent!

If you want to send him hate mail, please do. His email address is



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