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Now Officially Open!

Pic of Seth Added;  05/20/02;   byDaniel
New team member Seth has a pic added. See it at the pictures and video page. This was taken in Louisiana during a road trip. We found a place with lots of picnic tables and we put 'em all together into one big picnic table obstacle course! Unfortunately, all the skaters were busy either filming or skating, so we got an adult to take pictures. That should explain why the picture is so bad.

Bio on New Team Member Added;  1/20/02;   byTrowa
New team member Seth has a bio added. See it at his bio page. Welcome to the team! Oh yeah, in light of past times, we're thinking of renaming the team. If you have any ideas, email me! Oh yeah, new video name, too. Ubi? Where? Ibi. There: Skating into the Unknown. The title is part Latin, part English. All the spots in the video have never been skating by a pro before. We think we can back that up. lol.

A lone pic of me added;  1/08/02;   byDaniel
I got a lone pic of me added to the Pictures and Video section. It's a picture of one of my weaker ollies on a cold December day. Ugh! Gotta work on getting better pics of me up. lol.

Finally! An update! Pics added;  1/06/02;   byDaniel
Got pics added. Check out the Pictures and Video section. Got three of Robert and three of Kevin. Enjoi!

Site Updated/Happy Thanksgiving;  11/22/01;   byDaniel
Hey Hey! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Unfortunately, I got stuck with a cold during the holidays. Fortunately, this gives me time to work on the site. Anyways, Bios, trick tips, links, and the the side bar(poll) have been updated. Robert has quit the team so we're working on getting a replacement for him. I'm trying to digitize the Zoo York demo footage to place on the site, as well. Thanks for your patience. And get the word out about the DI site!

Zoo York!!!!!;  11/15/01;   byDaniel
For all of you that'll believe me, I met Zoo York. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to tag along with my local skatepark's owner to drop off the Zoo York team at their hotel. I talked with Jeff Pang and Harold Hunter a while. At the end of the demo, Jeff presented me with a board autographed by the team! So, Thanks everyone at Zoo York, especially Jeff Pang! Check out the Zoo York site at

Good Job! You found the names of our favorite skaters:
Street Skaters: Bam Margera, Colt Cannon, Jeff Pang, Danny Supa, Zered Basset, Rob Dyrdek, Rodney Mullen, Eric Koston, Guy Kampfen, Chad Tim Tim
Vert Skaters: Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist, Colin McKay, Jason Ellis
All Around Skaters: Mike Vallely



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