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Featured Articles: 2001 X Games--Philly

Well, I'm sure just about everyone out there watched the X Games over the weekend. Tony Hawk made a big "comeback tour" at the X Games, participating in his usual Vert Doubles with Andy MacDonald and the Vert Best Trick Contest. Overall, a great, viewer/mainstream-friendly X Games was aired; and that, my fellow skaters, might have been the problem with the Games. Sure, I loved watching it; and, for once, ESPN held a true street contest in which the best threw down tricks like Jedi Knights. Habitat homeboy and Philly local Kerry Getz took home the gold, edging out Koston, Campbell, and many more awesome skaters. To me, however, the highlight of the games was Matt Dove's Varial 720. Not only was trick incredible, Matt himself spoke out in ways that many others wouldn't. Here is an excerpt from his speech:

"If somebody else would have done an amazing trick, you know one of their boys that worked for ESPN pretty much, it would have counted. I am not saying it is pre-determined, I am saying it is pre-favored. Pre-favored, 100 percent."

One must understand that Matt landed his trick after the official time; thus the judges were refusing to count the trick. However, Tony had landed the 9; and he too was throwing a fit because he landed the 9 after official time, as well. Bob Burnquist, landing a Fakie to Fakie Heelflip Indy 540. I think that Matt was definitely poking fun at ESPN, for on shirt, he had written:

On the back, he had "Drama 01" written on it. What was interesting, was that ESPN never aired the front of Dove's shirt. So, Dove continued with his speech:

"This stadium is filled, look around. If you think of one dollar per person from this thing, it is not even close to what we are getting paid for coming here, not even close. They (ESPN) will never listen to me, but by making that trick, I am making them listen to me."

When he was handed the sheet with the official results, he retaliated by saying:

"Here you go, this is a sheet from one of the judges. That's my name, that's my trick, there is the first place ranking next to my name. Watch when it comes out."

He was then awarded the gold, Tony the silver, and Bob the bronze. At this point, Dove was handed what looked like an electric guitar(might have been a bass though):

This is the only X Games I have ever been to and it is the only one I'll ever come to. I came here to make a point and that is it, that was my vehicle. Take my medal, I'll give it back to them, who cares? I will guarantee you that when they put it on TV, something will be lost. I am saying only the trick gets shown, no interview and it is going to be cropped a lot. They knew I was running my mouth. I want people to know exactly what is going on with ESPN and how they try to make money off us (the riders) and not give anything back."
"This isn't skateboarding, this is a show. The lights, everything else, this is just for people to watch, it is not for us to skate. We are just little puppets that they are moving around, cutting their footage so that they don't see certain things that they don't want people to see because it is not making them money."



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