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Trick Tips: The Manual


Manuals can be tricky devils to learn. They require excellent board control and precision timing. Travis pretty much has manuals pegged, so I'll try to explain what he told me.
Let's start with the rolling manual first. This is the easy part. There's really not much that can be explained when covering manuals. It really depends from person to person. Try placing your back foot just behind the back bolts(right on the concave). Place your front foot over the bolts. Ride a moderate speed and lean back just enough to get your front wheel elevated above the ground, but don't let the tail scrape the ground. More than likely, this method won't work for you. But it's a basis on which you can start modifying. Move your feet around a little until it clicks. Most people I talk to say that they learned through a eureka experience (it just suddenly clicked and they got it).

Ollie manuals are a little more complicated. For some, it's like learning to manual all over again. For others, it's just one step up. Can't really help you out much here. Once you figure out the manual, try ollieing onto a small curb and landing in manual position.



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